"Best RV Park by a Dam Site!"

May 28th Good news!

We are open in phase 1, and now transitioning to phase 2. Kayaking, fishing areas, and several of the national park areas have opened. Sol Duc road, Lake crescent, Madison falls area ,as well as Local beaches along the Scenic Hwy are open. etc.

In order to be open we have adopted our protocols to be in line with state and county, staying safe, yet also keeping our relaxed vibe. Our garden is flourishing and waiting to be shared. Here are some ways that we are putting your safety first at the Elwha Campground:

1. Campfires and community areas Phase 1 is limited to one household gatherings. Phase 2 allows up to 5 people out of households. Social distancing for others outside of those perimeters. We have wood available.
2. Laundry, and bathrooms where space is limited use one of the following guidelines, one household at a time, enter only if social distancing can be applied, and/or use masks as recommended by our local health department.
3. Maintenance of social distancing protocols in store, office and other areas
4. Bathrooms and laundry high touch surfaces are disinfected regularly. We also have disinfectant cleaners available for wiping down before or after use.
5. The addition of a plexi-glass barrier and hand sanitizing station in our office and store.
6. A self-check-in option is now available for those who request it.
7. Careful management of park occupancy to avoid any sense of crowding.

We hope this eases any concerns for the time being. If you have any questions, always feel free to call us. We will keep updating as things change and look forward to a future time where we can live and act in closer community again!

The following protocols have been set by Washington State, to which we seek to comply:

1. During phase one, we are able to welcome campers who are self-contained in their RV and use their site as their home place or who are traveling for essential purposes.
2. During phase two, recreational camping is open, but groups still have limitations.
3. During phase three, groups can again be reserved, dependent on availability.
4. Phase four returns our campground facilities to their standard functioning capacity without state restrictions on camping, including tent camping, or group size.